About Us

We started in January 2013 as a FCA-regulated financial advisory set up in the City of London by a group of lawyers and bankers. At that time the team enjoyed a blend of experience in structured finance and complex tax solutions. In 2016 the cohort took on-board professionals from oil and gas industry added by commodities trading specialists. Subsequently all the above endeavours evolved into Beaconsfield Group of Companies.

We have grown and expanded from a pure financial services entity to the Group which is able to originate, secure and provide complex and structured solutions for asset management and trading opportunities, with our advice being always custom-tailored and optimised for any situation from vanilla to challenge generating attractive returns for all stakeholders and meeting or exceeding their specific requirements. Clients are always assured that proactive, responsive and flexible decisions will be made quickly, thoroughly and effectively, being beneficial for all counterparties.

Our Group is an established team of seasoned professionals with working relationships across a broad network of financial institutions, investment banks, family offices, investment and wealth funds, high net worth individuals, prime brokers, commodity trading desks (both on buy and sell side), national oil companies, international oil majors, refining groups, strategic commodity buyers and suppliers, asset managers and their custodians, shipping companies and freighters, (re)insurers, legal and regulatory advisors.

We are experienced in structuring and executing cross-border solutions, and also in bringing together a wide network of finance providers and borrowers, merchants and buyers identifying how to optimise these relationships in order to maximise effectiveness of the solution provided.

The team focuses attention on understanding the input requirements of a project (an asset or a trade) and the investment appetite of a lender in order to find perfect working and sustainable balance. As part of this process, the Group vigorously undertakes due diligence and situation analysis on behalf of clients with the assistance of its external advisors. This typically implies amongst other peculiarities analysing credibility of the counterparties involved and assessing legal, regulatory, accounting, financial, tax and  ESG  impact of the structured solution within the relevant jurisdictions of the transaction. Compliance with ever-tightening regulatory environment  is an important programme which is well maintained in our Group followed by management of various types of risks – operational, market, financial, and security which are integral elements  of our business approach.

Currently we are situated in and managed from London, Melbourne and Singapore.