Our Business

Historically and inherently we are involved in two main business areas  – advisory and commodities, with either being very important and essential for our Group and Team.

ADVISORY line of business on tangible assets and capital projects has always been our passion and expertise. We offer various services pertaining hereto. Our team is able to originate, structure and secure innovative and cutting-edge investment solutions for wide range of industries including oil and gas infrastructure sector. Based on specific requirements of and situation with a project, our out-of-the-box advice takes into account all attributes in order to yield the best outcome for a project owner and an investor.

At the same time, all risks are identified, registered, well managed and mitigated so that any project in question keeps well within budget and time thus securing sustainable commerciality and bankability.

Throughout a project’s lifetime cash flow and financing options are continuously monitored, well balanced and properly adjusted.

Implementing our (re)financing solutions provide economic benefits whilst also optimizing tax, regulatory, and accounting efficiencies for clients, asset risks are deleveraged in a cost-effective manner. Capital relief options are considered too.

TRADING in commodities is the other line of business we are involved in and fond of. We are always glad to bring appropriate expertise, knowledge, risk management and thorough and due diligence as usual in full compliance with good international practice applicable.

As a principal, we structure and engage in cross-border transactions involving suppliers and buyers across a broad range of commodity asset classes (including crude oil, natural gas, liquefied natural gas, refined and petrochemical products, metals, minerals, soft commodities, and manufactured products) and geographies across the globe (Europe, the Gulf, Middle East, North Africa, Sub Saharan Africa, Central Asia, Far East Asia, Americas and APAC).

We can also provide trade (co)finance where a potential transaction and its participants are clearly identified and secured, under any circumstances this service is only provided with us being a principal.