The main purpose of our Group corporate governance is to nurture such an environment where trust, transparency and accountability are inherited in order to sustain long-term stability and integrity, thereby retaining control over the opportunities and risks and supporting stronger growth and more inclusive business relationships.


To continuously scrutinise and pursue business opportunities in our ever changing environment in order to complete best available trades benefitting all counterparts involved and contributing to local communities.


We are in trading and advisory business to develop and apply international good practice in all aspects of our work. It is important to inspire mutual trust to all participants and keep them connected and inclusive throughout hydrocarbons value chain.

Human capital.

Human capital allows us to grow, perform and deliver. It is the most important factor of our Group on the way to success through superiority of human minds able to make, manage or accept a change according to the situation or environment.

We are proud of carefully selected high-performance team members and do believe the human capital we enjoy working with, relying upon and being led by is most valuable asset no accounts or books can record and value enough.

Our people cover various parts of business expertise and all together we are able to originate a bankable opportunity with further commercialization and monetization for benefits of all parties involved.

Relationships within our group are arranged and secured through various types of agreements both formal and informal.

Business ethics.

Our ethics are based on our values in business serving the purpose to attract best talents and secure sensible relationships with our stakeholders and counterparts. We take full corporate responsibility for our actions and practices and so do our team members. Our Group maintains mutual respect and honesty within business owners, employees and customers. Healthy competition and respect for commitments are keystones of our business model. Information transparency is comprehensive and very important in considering any types of data and news. Corporate regulations are always to be respected and abided by.

Due diligence.

We follow an efficient and comprehensive due diligence process which engages thorough assessment and verification of all available information on a subject or trade.

Our global reach check is particularly important when considering a prospective commercial opportunity and is based on reliable source of legitimate and accurate facts and figures. Therefore all parties involved can be in timely manner protected from issues and are always more informed.


Compliance, as the state of becoming or being in accordance with established and imposed guidelines or rules, is a rife concern for all businesses and in any opportunity we deal with. This is affected by an ever-increasing number of regulations that oblige our Group to be observant about maintaining a complete understanding of applicable regulatory requirements for business and ethical standards compliance including KYC, AML and sanctioned jurisdictions protocols and procedures.

We ensure our team of experts keeps on track with changing mandatory surroundings for an opportunity to accept.

Risk management.

For risk management we apply a highly collaborative approach, an exercise where weight, ownership, distribution, impact and proactive management, of full range of risks we face, must be shared across opportunity participants. Responsibilities are categorised using real-time information which is widely accessible for our team when a crisis is settled through minimising threats and maximising outcomes to secure business continuity, corporate governance, health and safety.

A set of international standards developed to help companies implement risk management systematically, wisely and effectively by using certain frameworks and processes, is used in and adhered to by our Group in all situations.

Change management.

Instead of considering a change, whether internal or external, as a threat that anyone tends to resist, we are keen to think of it as an opportunity to grow by and benefit from, where our diversified team experts can think through in various positive ways. We maintain culture of innovation through applying better practices, implementing new ways of successful communication and collaboration, introducing fair and flexible incentive procedures and sharing knowledge and skills.

Genuine domain and email address.

The Group’s only genuine domain is so our true website and all email addresses are only based on this domain too. No other domain or email addresses are legitimate and therefore should be considered null and void without any responsibility from the Group.

Logo and letterhead.

The Group’s documents are only valid if they contain the official logo and are issued on the official letterhead. The official logo is presented on the top left corner of the website and consists of a lighthouse white shape with beams on an underlying ground with various shades of green colour. The official letterhead consists of the official logo on the left side and full details of the Group and a relevant company which is a member of the Group on the right side.

Authorised communications.

Our corporate email address deployed on the only genuine  domain is primary and the only official way to get connected and keep in touch with any counterparts outside of our Group and  always required to be used for all and any formal communications by eligible members of our staff and wider team to provide a response, reply or request. When any content is sent suchwise, it is always safe and assumed that only the true owner of the recipient’s email account is able and authorised to access it.

Right to represent.

The privilege to represent our Group or its member company, which is given to anyone from outside our Group, is always duly supported by a relevant written document issued by our Group either CEO or MD only and is without signature right in any respect. All counterparts are strongly advised to  sight and verify the evidence before commercial communications and  negotiations start.

Signature right.

The right to sign any document on our behalf is only given to and exercised by our top officials  as the only authorised signatories – Group CEO and  Group MD – when reviewing, assessing, approving and executing our contracts and other  legitimate agreements, obligations or commitments.


Any document issued  by our Group or its member companies could be readily verified  by contacting us and sending it from a requesting counterpart’s corporate email  address.