Our Group

Our Group operates across the globe from various jurisdictions – United Kingdom, Australia  and Singapore.

Working through a network of affiliated companies from these locations allows us use and take leverage of trade, financial and networking opportunities available there.

Main companies in Beaconsfield Group are:

Beaconsfield Opportunities LLP (Company No OC403608). This is our flagship company incorporated in 2015 which is registered in the UK Register of companies (Companies House)  and operated  under the UK Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2000 and regulations made under this Act. The entity services, develops  and manages the whole Beaconsfield Group of Companies and provides a range of services related to sustainable business.

Beaconsfield Resources Pte Ltd (UEN 201941760D), Singapore-registered trading desk incorporated in 2019 undertakes physical commodities operations including  delivery, hedging, shipping and insurance.

In September 2023 our Group entered into Joint Operating Agreement with State Enterprise KyrgyzTransNefteGaz aiming to pursue physical commodities trading opportunities in the Central Asian regional and domestic energy markets of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan  and Turkmenistan.

There are no other companies  contributing to the Group at the moment.